In the Rostov airport for inspection install 3D-scanners

Internationally Plata airport, which is being built for the World Cup-2018 near Rostov-on-Don, will be installed scanners to check passengers' luggage. Scan things will go 3D range.

"The new equipment that we purchase at Platov Airport has the best-in-class threat detection indicators with record throughput," Sergei Krasnov, Executive Director of PJSC "RostovAeroInvest", said.

The system creates a three-dimensional image of high resolution luggage, comparable in quality to the images of medical scans. Simultaneously made automatic detection and identification of explosives. One X-ray generator with two energy levels enables differentiation of organic and inorganic materials. Thus, the contents of baggage is detailed as possible, which contributes to the rapid and accurate identification of a potential threat and reduce false positives.

The speed of the conveyor belt allows to process 1800 pieces of luggage per hour. In this case, things are coming to a tape, not monitored by the photosensor, and an X-ray beam, which can significantly reduce the amount of losses in tracking baggage handling system.

According to the press service of the Rostov airport, similar screening systems are used at airports in the US, Canada, Japan, Britain, Germany and a number of other countries, as well as in Russian airports in the capital.

Recall, the new airport complex Platov is being built in 35-kilometers from Rostov-on-Don. The project of the airport complex provides for the construction of a passenger terminal with an area of ​​50 thousand square meters, the capacity of which will be five million people per year. It is also planned to build an artificial runway with an extension of 3600 meters. The airport complex will be equipped with nine telescopic ladders. The total amount of financing is 37,2 billion rubles, of which almost 18 billion is the federal budget. Commissioning - December 2017 year.

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