Reconstruction of the stadium "Trud" in Rostov-on-Don in the World Championship-2018 198 cost million rubles

The site procurement announced electronic auction to select a contractor for the reconstruction of the stadium "Trud" in Rostov-on-Don (Frunze Str., 4, "Safety Town"), which is stated as a training ground for one of the teams participating in the World Cup-2018 .

According to the documentation, the initial (maximum) contract price of 198 163 million thousand rubles, applications are accepted until 21 April, and the winner will be named after the seven days, which will be engaged in bringing the arena in order.

In the 2009-m, we recall, there was already carried out reconstruction (it was considered then as the training center for athletes - including, for the Olympics), but the results have come under criticism from the then head of the region Vladimir Chub, rebelled state locker rooms, no toilets and some other moments. As a result, something that was remade in 2012-m stadium was officially opened, and then it became clear that for four years it invested 214 million.

Now, however, will result in "Trud" in order - in accordance with the FIFA requirements for the training ground.

The contractor will have to engage and directly by the field - including drainage, irrigation and irrigation systems, as well as landscaping the area around (including, remove dilapidated trees and planted new ones instead), set the lighting (four 30-meter mast), do a full sports complex, tribune etc.

Source: Championship Rostov

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